Pat Brodie

I am the coordinator for Grimsby Counselling & Psychotherapy. My 35 yr experience as a Certified Psychiatric Nurse, PHN and Psychotherapist gives me the expertise to offer YOU a telephone consultation. I can quickly assess your specific needs and match you to the best therapist that can help you succeed Our 6 professionals are trained extensively to provide the most up-to-date therapies, negotiating within your time availability. We can help you utilize your extended Health Care Insurance Benefits.

“ We provide more than just counselling “

…… giving you tools to cope with Depression,Grief, Anxiety, Couple and Family conflict, as well as more complex illnesses like OCD, PTSD/TRAUMA (abuse; mva; work), Personality Disorders like BPD, and Bipolar Disorder.We will bridge with your other healthcare provider team, like your Family Doctor, Nurse and Social Worker; or if you are receiving related care from a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Psychiatrist.

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