About Us

Spinal pain has a variety of causes including simple sprains and strains, degenerative joint disease (various forms of arthritis), disc herniation or even early signs of cancer. Usually the source is the result of cumulative trauma or repetitive strain (‘wear and tear’), mechanical joint dysfunction and aging factors. Back pain can also be linked to stress, depression,lack of exercise, dietary deficiencies and poor lifestyle habits. My particular emphasis is to empower my patients with the knowledge of how their condition developed and to provide them with valuable self-help techniques so that they can prevent recurrances of pain.

I enjoy collaborating with our Physiotherapist, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainer, Naturopathy, Nutritionist and Psychotherapists as the need arises to better manage our common patient’s conditions. Our form of patient management begins with reducing acute/chronic pain which is followed by education on rehabilitative and core strength exercises – these enable a return to regular activity. Patients coming into our clinic will typically require less treatment visits to manage their pain and to regain an active lifestyle due to our comprehensive approach (4-8 visits on average). We recommend an initial consultation to determine how our clinic can help you achieve your health goals.

Our treatment is gentle and tailored to each individual. We are happy to consult with your family doctor or refer you to a specialist when necessary. Home visits can be arranged if you are immobile and unable to transport to our clinic.

– Dr. Brian Cruise